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Office Holders
Office Holders


Prof. Rann Smorodinsky

Vice Deans

Prof. Moshe Tennenholtz – Vice Dean for Research

Dr. Hovav Perets – Vice Dean for Teaching

Dr. Gila Molcho – Vice Dean for study Programs and Strategic Projects

Prof. Erez Karpas– Vice Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Prof. Yair Goldberg– Vice Dean for Graduate Studies

Prof. Miriam Erez – Vice Dean for the MBA Program

Prof. Yuval Emek – Vice Dean for Computing

Prof. Oren Kurland – Vice Dean for Faculty-Military relations

Prof. Eviatar Procaccia – Vice Dean for Excellence programs

Undergraduate Programs Coordinators

Prof. Eitan Naveh – Industrial Engineering & Management

Prof. Reshef Meir – Information Systems Engineering

Prof. Avigdor Gal – Data Science & Engineering

Dr. Hovav Perets – Economics&Management

Prof. Marina Bogomolov – Freshman year undergraduates consultant

Graduate Programs Coordinators

Prof. Galit Yom-Tov– Industrial Engineering (MSC/ME)

Prof. Asaf Levin – Operation Research and Optimization (MSC)

Prof. Avigdor Gal – Data Science (MSC/ME)

DR. David Azriel – Statistics (MSC)

Prof Itai Arieli – Economics (MSC)

Prof. Liat levontin– Behavioral Science and Management (MSC)

Prof. Reshef Meir –  Information Management Engineering (MSC)

Prof. Eviatar Procaccia  – The Bareket Programe


Anat Avital – Head of Administration

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