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IE&M Affiliates Program
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IE&M Affiliates Program
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IE&M Affiliates Program

The Industrial Engineering & Management Affiliates Program (IE&M AP) is dedicated to the creation of mutual cooperation between academia and leading industrial companies in Israel and abroad. We believe that by establishing strong long-term relations between academia and industry we can promote mutually important values focusing on knowledge, development, innovativeness, leadership and excellence. The Industrial Engineering & Management Affiliates Program (IE&M AP) was established in 2010. The IE&M AP stimulates and supports the mutual needs of business, industry and academia in applied


Research & Development

  • Interact Professionally with Faculty Researchers.
  • Students’ Final Industrial Project Course: proposals and mentors given by firm for 4th year students and MBA.
  • Faculty Newsletter Issue: dedicated to firms’ research and  development program.
  • Faculty Newsletter Distribution: for firms’ employees.
  • Perform Joint Projects: with research centers and labs.
  • Identify Partners for Joint Research Proposals: to the Chief  Scientist and European Community.

Human Resources

  • Recruiting day: opportunity to hold an exclusive student recruiting day
  • Classified ad distribution by direct mailing,



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