Economics Program Curriculum

The program requires six core courses and three elective courses, as well as a research thesis. The requirements are detailed below.

It should be noted that while the program requirements for students associated with the Technion and with the University of Haifa are identical, the two institutions weight their credits differently, and the same course will occasionally appear under slightly different names. The course names and credits are listed separately for the two institutions in the table below.

Core Courses
Technion University of Haifa
Course Number Course Name Credits Course Number Course Name Credits
096250 Microeconomic Theory 1 3.5 5200 Microeconomic Theory 4
096531 Mathematical Methods in Economics (*) 2.5 5102 Mathematical Methods in Economics (*) 3
098511 Macroeconomic TheoryA 3 5204 Macroeconomic Theory 1 4
098512 Macroeconomic TheoryB 3 5205 Macroeconomic Theory2 4
096530 Microeconomic Theory 2 3.5 5202 Macroeconomic Theory 2 4
098581 Advanced Econometrics 3.5 5600 Advanced Econometrics 4
Sum 19 23

*If taken as an elective course during undergraduate studies, this course must be replaced by another course with the same number of credits.

Elective Courses

All students must take three elective courses with a total weighting of at least 11 credits at the Technion and 9 credits (semester weekly hours) at the University of Haifa (these courses are in addition to any elective taken to replace a core requirement, as discussed above). Electives are chosen from a list published each year by the academic committee that oversees the program. Thesis supervisors are authorized to require specific elective courses needed for writing the thesis, with approval of the academic committee.

Research Study / Research Project
 General Description

The core of the master’s degree studies is a 20-credit research study.  Under the Graduate School regulations, a 12-credit thesis may be authorized in lieu of a research study or research project in special cases. Students permitted to write a 12-credit thesis will be required to take additional courses specified by the permanent advisor and totaling at least 8 credits.

Selecting an Advisor

The director of the Information Systems Area serves as a temporary advisor for all newly admitted students. Students are advised to find a permanent advisor during their first year of studies, preferably during the first semester. Faculty members’ interests and fields of research can be gleaned in the first instance from their websites and the advanced courses that they teach.  Faculty members encourage students to consult with them regarding the selection of a research topic.  Assignment of a permanent advisor is contingent upon agreement between the faculty member and the student over the student’s research topic and terms of the supervision.

Submission of the Thesis

The thesis should be submitted approximately 24 months after commencement of studies.  The thesis must be written in the format of a research article (preferably in English; however, it can also be written in Hebrew). For further information:

Additional instructions about how to submit the thesis appear on the Graduate School website.

Admissions Requirements

The admissions committee will consider applications from graduates holding a bachelor’s degree in economics or a related subject from a recognized institution of higher education, with a grade average of 85 or above. Applicants who have not completed the courses listed below (or their equivalent) during their undergraduate studies will be required to complete these courses as a condition for admission. Students will not be considered full participants in the program until they have completed the required prerequisites (also known as supplementary courses).

Required Supplementary Courses
Technion University of Haifa
Course Number Course Name Credits Course Number Course Name Credits
094411 Introduction to Probability 4 206.1140 Introduction to Probability
094423 Introduction to Statistics 3.5 206.1130 Introduction to Statistics
096586 Econometrics 3.5 206.2820 Econometrics
104003 Differential and Integral Calculus 1 5 206.1170 Infinitesimal Mathematics a
104004 Differential and Integral Calculus 2 5 206.2290 Infinitesimal Mathematics b
094503/094504 Microeconomics 1+2 (*) 3.5/3.5 206.2010/20 Microeconomics (*)


Macroeconomics/Dynamic Macroeconomics (*) 3.5/3.5 206.2030/40 Macroeconomics(*)
104009 Linear Algebra 1 4.5 Introduction to linear models

*The admissions committee may authorize comparable alternative courses.

Hebrew Language Requirement

Candidates with a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution of higher education at which the language of instruction is not Hebrew will be required to pass a Hebrew language exam to the level required by the admitting institution (the Technion or the University of Haifa).

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